Reviews of Sticks and Stones

By Arden Hyatt on April 20, 2015

"Sticks and Stones" is a work of the heart. Hank Smith has a way of telling the story of his son, Ian, that makes the reader both laugh and cry. Each chapter is a touching story of the struggles and joys of raising an autistic child. As a teacher, a heightened awareness of what families with autistic children are going through helps me guide students with special needs, but this book is a must read for all - whether you are nurturing an autistic life or not.

By D. Johnson on May 3, 2015

Hank Smith's book gives invaluable insights into the world of autism from a parent's point of view. It is a book that touches the heart and changes lives. As a special education teacher, it is a must read for parents, families, educators and all who are involved with individuals who have special needs.

By Kellee Ramirezon May 9, 2015

I literally could not put this down, I stayed up and read it in one night. Hank's play by play of how he felt on the journey of raising his autistic son, from denial to 110% involved is moving. Not many father's are willing to put their emotions on display for the world to read. But the emotions are what makes this so touching. If every child had 1/2 the LOVE of a father like Hank... Every TEACHER, COACH, PARENT and RELATIVE of anyone on the Autistic Spectrum needs to read this book from the perspective of this father. You will be glad you did!

By vgard on May 15, 2015

An amazing and heartfelt story...but more importantly, this is a book that should be read by anyone who has contact with autistic children or families of autistic children. Our school district purchased a copy of Sticks and Stones for EVERY staff member including the school board members. It is not only for teachers who work with our students, but for every staff member from custodians, monitors, cafeteria workers, librarians, and instructional aides. Our board members make decisions for students at our school. Each staff member needs to have a deeper understanding of the challenges facing autistic students and their families. This book is a valuable resource for educational programs striving to meet the needs of all of their students.

By Mary O'Meara on May 22, 2015

I was given a copy of Hank Smith's book about his son. After reading two pages I felt I would eventually see this book on at least a local Northern California best seller list. Planning to read the book the next day I glanced at a few more pages and four hours later I had finished the whole book. It is an absolutely breathtaking ride through Hank's experience raising his beloved son. I felt as though I had lived through the years he described. At the end of each chapter I had to take a deep breath to begin the next, emotionally connected to his and Ian's journey. Having raised a child with special needs I was so happy to have someone verbalize how I had felt while constantly driving my son to doctors and hospitals, feeling as though I could not take another step some days but knowing I had to for my son. This book, though about autism, will reach a much wider audience as it is a guide to how to keep on searching for ways to help children with mental, emotional or physical special needs. One beautiful tiny chapter, only three lines in length, I had to copy and paste on my office wall because it so perfectly described how I had felt and still feel about my son to this day. An amazing book.


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